Jul 8, 2019

Montana Homes Honoured with Avid Gold Award

Saskatoon, SK – Montana Homes has won the Avid Gold Award for Saskatchewan Small Production Builder from Avid Ratings Canada.


Avid recognizes the best builders in the industry who provide extraordinary customer experience. Avid’s ratings are based on results from homebuyer experience surveys.

The Avid Gold Award is presented to builders with the single highest scores in their region, based on a series of surveys taken from purchasing experience to the first 90 days of ownership. It is an award that truly recognizes the best of the best within the industry, with an eye to homebuilders that not only meet their customer’s needs, but exceed them.

“I think getting an award like this is confirmation that we’re doing the right thing, in terms of customer service,” said Kal Hourd, Vice-President, Montana Homes. “We’re in a difficult market and we’ve got to provide an exceptional customer service experience. Having confirmation from our homeowners like this tells us that we’re on the right path and that we are focusing on the right things.”

Montana Homes ensures it is promoting a positive, helpful and friendly environment from start to finish, so that customers leave with a lasting impression. Providing that level of customer service is a team effort, and every member plays a part in the overall experience.

“I think the reason we are seeing success with our customer service is that everybody is, from drafting to our warranty rep, all pulling in the same direction,” said Kal. “We’re setting the stage right from the first contact with the customer and ensuring we deliver what we promise.”

A total of 633 builders qualified in Canada and the US for this year’s program, including some of Canada’s largest private builders and hundreds of small production and custom builders across the country. 

This is the second time in three years that Montana Homes has been honoured with the Avid Gold Award, and it intends to keep its sights set high for years to come.

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