Jan 25, 2023

Broadview Homes Winnipeg’s Turnkey Program Offers Affordability and Speedy Possessions

Winnipeg, MB – Broadview Homes Winnipeg is implementing a quick-possession program that allows for expedited delivery of a set quota of homes. This turnkey program aims to have a targeted number of homes to deliver to the market – 30 homes with anticipated delivery in 2023.

All of the quick-possession homes will be duplexes, which will add to the affordability factor and economies of scale for construction speed and pricing of materials and trades. The program will also aim to provide guaranteed possession dates for buyers.

Broadview Homes Winnipeg will have a dedicated in-house team for the production coordination of the homes and will be introducing brand-new suppliers to the mix specifically for these builds.

David Wooden, Vice-President, Broadview & Sterling Homes, said the production of the homes will have little to no impact on the rest of the builder’s timelines for its other homes.

“The benefit internally so far is that we have added trades for critical path construction stages (foundation, mechanical and plumbing, cabinetry, exterior cladding, etc.) so that it will not affect our current pipeline of sales in our normal production operations,” he said. “We essentially gain product to provide for the ‘quick possession marketplace’.”

David noted that it also allows the team to gain a comparison in product type versus their Broadview standards, such as for cabinetry, as an example

The builder’s marketing team has also been working on how to package and present these quick-possession homes to customers. Courtney Sims, Marketing Manager, Broadview & Sterling Homes, explained that the turnkey homes option helps reach an additional group of potential homebuyers.

“Offering a turnkey product makes the home purchasing process quicker and easier than a presale, for example, which is a better fit for some consumers,” she said. “All consumers are different, and our focus is to make sure we have the right type of product offerings to meet the needs of all consumers, which is why we realized the opportunity to introduce the turnkey line.

The new line will help some consumers find a home when they might otherwise find the process too daunting, according to Courtney.

“The last two years have really highlighted that many consumers’ pain points are greatly related to a shortage of time and energy,” she said. “This new line is focused on alleviating those pain points with consumers, while providing a smooth homebuying journey and high level of customer experience.”

Broadview Homes Winnipeg has 18 units under construction now, and those farthest along will be ready for possession in Q2 of 2023. There will be product ready for possession right through every quarter going forward, and the team plans to have a minimum of 30 units available next year as well.

This innovative new turnkey program is a great example of solving a business challenge while also capitalizing on a business opportunity.

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