Apr 24, 2020


Austin, TX – In Austin’s Easton Park community, Pacesetter Homes Austin has introduced a unique product offering seen nowhere else in the city. The appropriately named QUAD homes feature four homes grouped together with a shared driveway – but these differ from the multiple-home designs that people may be used to seeing.

Although residents share a driveway, the QUAD home design offers features that provide plenty of privacy, such as a separate side courtyard for each home that is perfect for entertaining or relaxing. The homes’ U-shaped design means the courtyard can be viewed from multiple rooms.

QUAD Home Courtyard | Pacesetter Homes | Austin Texas

A QUAD Home's Side Courtyard Provides Plenty of Privacy


The QUAD design also allows for a feature that more and more buyers are seeking – the ability to include an auxiliary dwelling unit (ADU) above the garage that can be used as additional living quarters or rented out for extra income. So far, almost 50 per cent of buyers are choosing to include the ADU option when buying.

Chelsea Timmons, Area Sales Manager, Pacesetter Homes Austin, said the ADU option tends to be popular with certain potential buyers.

“With the multi-generational structural features, we are seeing middle-aged adults with young families purchase these homes,” she said, “as it allows their families to have a comfortable space for grandparents to come visit. We also see buyers with no children, who are dedicated to their tech, video, or podcast-related careers, who will use the ADU as a work-from-home studio.”

Auxiliary Dwelling Unit | QUAD Home | Pacesetter Homes | Austin Texas

The ADU living space and its entrance (with the white trim) from the shared driveway


Pacesetter Homes built the first QUAD home in a master-planned community and showcased it at a large event with around 1,000 attendees. But even before the model home was completed, people could take a virtual walk through it using a video rendering of the initial floor plan.

From the model home’s opening in April 2019 up until November 2019, Pacesetter Homes had sold 34 QUAD homes. Things don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon, with the current sales pace potentially seeing one QUAD sale per week.

QUAD Home | Main Living Area | Pacesetter Homes | Austin Texas

QUAD home living room heading into the kitchen; master bathroom heading into the master bedroom (pictured from left to right) 


Dennis Ciani, Director of Marketing, Pacesetter Homes Austin, said this is because QUAD homes offer many benefits to potential buyers.

“The QUAD design is a type of cluster housing, which combines the easy maintenance of a townhouse with the prestige and privacy of a single-family home,” he said. “This design is a more affordable way to offer homes without garages on the street or alleyway. In addition, the home has improved curb appeal with the garage location at the back and covered porch in the front. The outdoor-living courtyard is low-maintenance and provides lots of privacy from surrounding neighbors.”

QUAD Aerial Rendering | Easton Park

Aerial rendering of QUAD layout and design in Easton Park


The QUAD land plan allows for two product types and/or price points, with the back two homesites being 60 ft. wide and the front two homesites at 45 ft. wide. This provides flexibility in product design, size, and price point. The design also allows for the back two homesites to front a greenbelt or parkland instead of a street, if necessary, which makes for flexible land planning and reduced development costs with fewer streets.

409 or 1,321 sq. ft.

Pacesetter Homes Austin chose the Easton Park community for the QUAD design because the developer was willing to develop the lots for the unique product type and the location will provide buyers with easy access to nearby amenities.

There were some challenges along the way, including finding an architect who understood the concept and had developed this type of product before, as well as lot fit issues due to the developer’s design guidelines, Dennis noted.

The construction process also proved to be challenging at times, according to Dane Amthor, Director, Construction, Pacesetter Homes Austin.

“In a typical single-family housing project, you would only be required to build a single home at a time,” said Dane. “Whereas for our QUAD design in Easton Park, due to the shared driveway, we can start and finish all four homes simultaneously."

The fact that the QUAD design is new to both Pacesetter Homes Austin and the Austin housing market in general has also been a challenge, as the various teams involved must go through a learning curve in what Dane referred to as the ‘prototype process.' But, he noted, there are some construction benefits as well.

“Although completing all four QUAD homes simultaneously can be cumbersome, there are labour-force efficiencies that come from being able to perform tasks on four different houses without moving locations,” he said.

Pacesetter Homes Austin is sure to continue to find success with the unique QUAD design that appeals to families, down-sizers, and entrepreneurs alike.

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