Mar 26, 2020

CHBA Net-Zero Leadership Summit

Harrison Hot Springs, BC – On February 25-26, 19 members of Qualico’s Sustainability Working Group Committee attended the Canadian Home Builders’ Association’s (CHBA) Net-Zero Home Leadership Summit.

CHBA Net Zero Facebook Cover Photo

Photo source: CHBA Net Zero's Facebook Page


Qualico was part of a group of 210 attendees from key stakeholders that have impact and influence in the residential construction industry, such as utilities, renewable energy solution providers, infrastructure design and development, financing, education and capacity building, and research and technologies.

Other industry members in attendance included Minto Communities, Avalon Master Builder, Landmark Homes, and Doug Tarry Homes.

The purpose of the summit was to provide networking, learning, and contributing opportunities for attendees. The planned result of the summit is a nation-wide strategic action plan that outlines priorities for stakeholders and supports the industry with solutions and tools to voluntarily adopt net-zero wherever possible.

“The summit offered a good couple of days to get everyone together to see what industry is doing, first-hand, and hear it from the people who are doing it every day,” said Darren Chambers, Director, Corporate Purchasing & Continuous Improvement and Chair of Qualico’s Sustainable Working Group Committee. “There’s a wealth of knowledge from the group and know-how to tap into.”

CHBA Net Zero 2020 Summit Meeting

Expert speakers such as Tony Seba (RethinkX) and Chris Magwood (Endeavour Sustainable Building School) touched on topics and insights like clean disruption opportunities and homes as carbon sequesters.

Qualico’s Sustainable Working Group Committee, with members who sit on the CHBA’s Net Zero Energy Housing Council, met during the second day of the summit to discuss various topics and decompress the day’s events.

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