Mar 12, 2020


Regina, AB - Pacesetter Homes was recognized at the Regina and Region Home Builders’ Association (RRHBA) Master Awards Gala on February 1, achieving top accolades in several categories. This recognition culminates an exciting 2019 for the Pacesetter Homes team, and further solidifies its position as one of Regina’s top homebuilders.

Walking away with two awards that celebrate environmental conservancy and one marketing award, Pacesetter Homes was proud to be recognized as a leader in the region.

Honours include:

  • 2019 Green Build of the Year (3152 Trombley Street)
  • 2019 Environmental Leadership in Housing Award (20+ Homes)
  • 2019 Marketing Award for Smart Home Technology

RRHBA Master Awards 2019

“I am so proud of the team,” said Curt Keil, Vice-President, Pacesetter Homes Regina. “In challenging times with this market, other homebuilders have cut specs and reduced costs. We decided to focus on improving energy efficiency and becoming more environmentally friendly. We wanted to create homes that would stand out from our competition, and I think we achieved that.”

2019 Green Build of the Year (3152 Trombley Street)

3152 Trombley Street | Pacesetter Homes Regina | Solar Installation

The ‘Green Build of the Year’ award recognizes outstanding achievement in environmental construction that exceeds building standards to reduce environmental impact. The winning home includes 18 solar panels, which will provide 7,170 kWh of power to the home per year, at a savings of $1,129 in energy expenses during the first year alone. The home is 16 per cent more energy efficient than a typical home, and also has an air tightness rating of 1.3, which is 50 per cent better than the industry standard.

3152 Trombley Street | Pacesetter Homes Regina | Solar Installation

2019 Environmental Leadership in Housing Award (20+ Homes)

The ‘Environmental Leadership in Housing’ award recognizes Pacesetter Homes’ achievement as the only Regina homebuilder to consistently exceed the industry standard Energuide rating by 15 per cent for every home built in 2019. Everyday building practices focus on the use of recycled materials, maximization of air tightness, prioritization of quality insulation, high-standards of water efficiency, and passive design features that take advantage of solar energy.

2019 Marketing Award for Smart Home Technology

With the goal of targeting millennials who were potentially purchasing their first home, Pacesetter Homes also designed a collection of townhomes that featured the latest smart home technology from OnAv. The Marketing Award for Smart Home Technology recognizes the homebuilder’s creative marketing campaign in advertising these homes.

“We chose to have a local young influencer be featured in our video to closely relate to our target audience,” said Curt. “We coupled this with the idea of ‘breaking free’ from current dissatisfactions, and in the end, we were able to create a campaign that really stood out from the competition.”

The Pacesetter Homes Regina Sales team was also recognized for excellence in sales in 2019:

  • Matt Danyluk, Area Manager, achieved Gold level home sales between $7,000,000 - $9,999,999
  • Kelsey Julé, Area Manager, achieved Silver level home sales between $4,000,000 - $6,999,999
  • Kara Sharp, Area Manager, achieved Silver level home sales between $4,000,000 - $6,999,999

Pacesetter Homes Regina at RRHBA Master Awards Gala

Pacesetter Homes Regina team celebrates at the RRHBA Master Awards Gala on Feb. 1, 2020: (Left to right) Kelsey Julé, Rochelle Nault, Curt Keil, Kara Sharp, Sean Kundra, Jaymie Walker, Matt Danyluk, Bob Leier, Dionne Fehler, and Joel Streifel.


Curt Keil also received special recognition by the RRHBA and was given the '2019 Builder of Distinction' award.

In announcing the distinction, Stu Neibergall, President & CEO of the RRHBA, highlighted Curt’s many achievements, including the first Spring and Fall Parade of Homes in decades. Curt also engaged in many other initiatives throughout the year from the Master Awards, the RRHBA Building Inspection Tours, and the RRHBA Zoning Working Group.

“He is always reminding us that we need to tell the story of all the great reasons to consider a new home as a choice in achieving homeownership,” said Stu.

Curt Keil and Stu Neibergall

Curt Keil, Vice-President, Pacesetter Homes Regina, with Stu Neibergall, CEO & President of the RRHBA


Unaware that he was going to receive the award, the announcement came as a complete surprise to Curt.

“I am honoured to have received the award,” said Curt. “But I really don’t think I’ve done anything extra or exceptional. Through a challenging market, I’ve really just tried to put into action what will improve the industry as a whole.”

Congratulations to the team at Pacesetter Homes Regina on all of their incredible achievements in 2019!

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