Jan 13, 2020

Straight from the Heart - Pacesetter Homes Regina Supports Canadian Blood Services with its Second Annual Blood Drive

Regina, SK – For cancer patients, transplant recipients, car-crash victims, and many more, a blood transfusion can mean the difference between life and death. The need is constant. With the goal of helping many Canadians in need of this vital service, Pacesetter Homes Regina coordinated a blood drive for staff and trades partners at the end of November.

This is the second year in a row that Pacesetter Homes has rallied the troops in support of Canadian Blood Services, aiming to coordinate a blood drive twice annually.“Qualico has a community outreach challenge going on, with each of the business units getting involved,” said Rochelle Nault, Administrative Assistant, Pacesetter Homes Regina. “There is a bit of friendly competition to see who can get the most people out, and last year we won! Needless to say, we have a feather in our cap.”

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Half of all Canadians will either need blood or know someone who needs it. Blood and blood products are a critical part of everyday medical care, and more likely than not, we all know someone who has received a transfusion.

“It means so much to give back to the community, and support causes that are personal to our staff,” said Rochelle. “This year, the father of one of our sales people was diagnosed with cancer, and he received a blood transfusion. It's those little stories. Once you ask people why this kind of thing is important, you realize how close to home it all hits.” 

By a twist of fate, the November blood drive actually served to help save a participant’s life. The woman needed to go directly to the hospital after undergoing her initial hemoglobin test. It was discovered that she had a very serious spleen infection, and after receiving IV fluids and antibiotics for a day with no improvements, she was given a blood transfusion to bring her immune system up.

After the transfusion, she was released from hospital without any permanent damage to her organs. However, doctors were quick to remind her of how lucky she was, as early detection of the infection helped prevent serious harm.

“I want to personally thank Pacesetter Homes,” she said. “I truly believe that you may have helped saved my life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“Blood is something that everyone has that can be donated,” said Rochelle. “It can save someone’s life… and what could be better than that?!”

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