Oct 29, 2019


Austin, TX – What do you do with furniture that’s being retired from use in model homes? If you’re Pacesetter Homes Austin, you hold a garage sale event to raise funds for a local non-profit organization.

Logo of the charity Austin Angels

The company’s recent garage sale event raised $2,000, which was donated to a family in need through Austin Angels (part of National Angels), a non-profit that provides support to local foster families through various programs.

The family who received the donation has been fostering a sibling group of nine children and was in the process of adopting the children to become a family of 11.

Chelsea Timmons, Area Sales Manager at Pacesetter Homes Austin, said the company consulted employees about what to do with the funds they raised through the garage sale.

Watch the video, featuring Chelsea Timmons, here:


“When we received Austin Angels’ newsletter about the family and their need, our entire team just had their heartstrings pulled all over the place,” she said. “We knew that there was a family in need, not only of a place to live, but of furnishings and a consistent place for kids to do just their normal everyday activities. We chose Austin Angels by having our employees vote and tell us what causes they are passionate about.”

Chelsea notes that Pacesetter Homes Austin also has a personal connection to foster families and the work that Austin Angels does.

“About a year ago, our Starts Coordinator received a phone call that she had been waiting her entire life for,” she said. “She learned that a little baby had been born and his mother wasn’t going to be able to provide for him. She and her husband ended up adopting the baby.”

According to Chelsea, Pacesetter Homes Austin enjoyed discovering a non-traditional way of giving and being involved in a family’s life to help change the trajectory of their future. She said Austin Angels gave the company the perfect opportunity to do just that.

“What the Pacesetter Homes Austin team was most excited about was that Austin Angels is a group that is not just an inch deep and a mile wide,” she said. “Austin Angels lets these families know they’re here, not just seasonally, but for the long haul. They’re going to help, provide support, and not just put a band-aid on these families’ situations. And that is what our team wanted to be a part of.”

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